Top 10 Evergreen Indian Food

Ostensibly South India's most prestigious culinary commodity, masala dosas are well known the world over.

Masala Dosha

Inseparable from Delhi road food sellers, chaat is quite possibly of India's most delightful appetizing bite.


Hailed as the local dish of northwest India, the Gujarati delicacy dhokla is a flavorful veggie lover nibble made of rice and divided chickpeas.


Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings

Pani puri, or gol guppa, are remembered to begin from the northern province of Bihar.

Pani Puri

Famous across South India, idli are in many cases considered the morning meal variants of dosa.


The notable Hyderabadi adaptation flaunts additional delicate meat and warm flavors like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and, in particular, saffron.


Beginning in the customarily vegan province of Maharashtra, vada pav is basically as close as Indian cooking gets to veggie burgers.

Vada pav

It is an extraordinary recipe for Indian-style lunch or evening gatherings, celebrations, and unique occasions like birthday celebrations, commemorations, or family parties.

Masala Paneer

Radiant red baked chicken is not difficult to perceive and harder to forget once you taste the delightful planning.

Tandoori Chicken

India's most well known send out, masala chai can be found being sold by wherever from very good quality cafés to chaiwallas at train stations.

Masala Chai