9 Healhty Oats Recipes for Breakfast

Oats Upma

Oats upma is an easy & simple dish created similar to a basic South Indian Rava upma.

Oats Dosa

A thin, crisp crepe made with powdered oats, spices, and herbs is called an oatmeal dosa.

Oats Idli

A version of the classic South Indian steamed morning dish, idli, is made using oats.

Coconut Oats

Simple breakfast meal using fresh coconut, rolled oats, and basic spices.

Oat Egg Omellete

If you enjoy eating egg omelets for breakfast, this very easy 10-minute oatmeal recipe will quickly become your favorite.

Overnight Oats

Recipe without cooking. Toss up the ingredients the night before and store them in the fridge. 

Oats Besan Cheela

Savor these easy, nutritious, crispy, and tasty gram flour and oatmeal savory pancakes.

Chocolate Oats

Chocolate, milk, almonds, and rolled oats combine to make a delicious breakfast.

Oats Kheer

A creamy, delectable dessert cooked with oats, ghee, almonds, cardamom powder, and milk is called oats kheer or oats payasam.